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9 Bible Verses to Inspire Hope | Whether you're in a happy season or in the midst of a struggle, these nine passages of scripture will serve to remind you that your hope is in Christ alone and not in your circumstances #hope #bible #bibleverse #scripture #faith #inspiration #thejoyfullyimperfectI believe most of us usher in each new year with some degree of hope.

Hope… that this year will be better than the last.

Hope… that we will be able to accomplish all of our goals and stick to all of those New Year’s Resolutions (the weight loss, the fitness plan, the decluttering schedule, the budget tracker, etc.) this time around.

Hope… that we will grow in certain areas of our lives over the next twelve months.

Whichever goals and dreams you may have set for this new year, I pray that your one true hope resides in Christ and Christ alone.

Jesus and our relationship with him is our only true hope in this world.

While I pray that you have success in achieving all of your New Year’s goals, developing healthy new habits, and sticking to those resolutions, I pray even more earnestly that you know the living God.

And that your main focus this year is to know him more.

Whether you have started this new year (new decade actually) in a happy and peaceful season of life or whether you’re in the midst of struggle and suffering, I pray these nine Bible verses will serve to renew your hope in the new year:

Praying for a hope-filled year for you and your family!

Bible Verses about HOPE to Memorize in Uncertain Times #hope #bibleverse #thejoyfullyimperfect

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  1. Patsy Burnette says:

    What an absolutely beautiful and encouraging post!!! Thank you so much! Pinned, tweeted and shared to the InstaEncouragements Facebook.

  2. Julie says:

    What a lovely post! I love the graphics!

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