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Three Reasons You Aren't Discipling Your Children | A Simple Solution to Teaching Your Children About God in the New Year #discipleship #parenting #tweens #wisdom #devotional #ebookReal talk: The thought that it is my responsibility to “disciple” my children makes my chest a little tight.

It feels heavy.

I know what the Bible teaches. I know what I’m supposed to do. I know what I need to do for the spiritual health of my kids.

However, so many times, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

And I’m married to a pastor.

It seems like it always boils down to three things:

  1. Lack of Time
  2. Lack of Energy
  3. Lack of Biblical Knowledge

And I bet most of you can relate. I bet these are the three reasons you aren’t discipling your children, either.

Most of us are CRAZY BUSY, CRAZY TIRED from being CRAZY BUSY, and very few of us actually have seminary degrees.

Often, it just feels so much easier to do nothing in the area of teaching our kids about God than to muddle through trying to figure out HOW.

And we hope that us telling them to be kind to others and that God loves them will be enough to get them through. And of course we trust it helps if we take them to church. They’ll pick up enough there that they should be good. Right???

Can anyone relate to this mindset?

How Can We Be More Invested?

My husband and I had a casual but VERY eye-opening conversation with one of our kiddos several months ago that left us feeling like we needed to do something asap in this area. It dealt with a super sensitive subject that simply felt too mature for him at this age.

Regardless of us feeling that way though, he had already been exposed to this information. He had already been taught, directly or indirectly, about this subject. BEFORE we had taken the opportunity to teach him about it from a biblical perspective.

In that moment, we realized that we were being far too passive in our approach to teaching our children about God and the Bible. We were experiencing at least two of those three pressures listed above: lack of time and lack of energy. Thankfully, the third issue — lack of biblical knowledge — wasn’t a struggle for my husband.

That single conversation renewed our desire to be more intentional about discipling our children. We created a resource to use with our own children, and have now made it available for other parents. Wisdom for Tweens is an e-devotional written for tweens and parents of tweens. This e-book contains 30 devotions and nuggets of wisdom specifically for children between nine and twelve years old. Each devotion contains a passage from Proverbs, a few paragraphs of explanation, a single truth for tweens to understand, and questions to discuss with your tween. Some examples of topics covered include discovering the difference between wisdom and knowledge, how the choices we make today determine the life we live tomorrow, and even specific topics such as friendship, work ethic, and money.

Three Reasons You Aren't Discipling Your Children | A Simple Solution to Teaching Your Children About God in the New Year #discipleship #parenting #tweens #wisdom #devotional #ebook

If you have tweens, children who are about to be tweens, or those who are just now coming out of their tweenage years, this resource will be invaluable for you in pouring spiritual truths into your kids. We believe in this so much that we are offering a 20% discount for all those parents wishing to start the new year off with a renewed focus on discipling their kids. For your 20% discount, simply type 2020 into the discount code section. You’ll then be able to download the PDF onto your phone or tablet and use it to guide your daily devotional times with your kids. Go here to see a sample devotion from Wisdom for Tweens.

We believe you will find this resource to be incredibly helpful in living out your calling to disciple your children, especially as you navigate these critical years of their transitioning from children to teenagers.

We also believe that as you speak God’s word into their lives, the principle of Proverbs 22:6 will be evident in their lives: Start children off on the right path, and even when they are old, they will not turn away from it.

If you’re not sure whether this resource will work for you, check out this free sample devotion.

Choose now to start 2020 off on the right foot! With your 20% discount code, each devotion with cost you less than $.25! Don’t forget to use code 2020 for your 20% off.

Our own children have really enjoyed Wisdom for Tweens and I hope yours will as well!


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