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4 responses to “He Kissed Marriage Goodbye: How the Divorce of Joshua Harris Speaks to My Own Situation.”

  1. April says:

    Marriage is hard work. It’s the one area that holds so many layers to how it can affect you both as a union and then each on an individual level. I am not familiar with this story of Mr. Harris but I know of a famous pastor/evangelist in my area that had an affair with the secretary and he left his wife. Now, he and his wife are both remarried, it was a shock to many. In stories like these, it definitely shows us how marriage is always vulnerable. We have to have God be in that union, we can’t ever feel we can stop actively working on our relationship with our spouse because the devil is always trying to destroy families so that he can tear down the church.

    • Katie says:

      Marriage is hard for sure and you are right that it can be complicated. It is such a beautiful picture of the gospel, so it makes sense that the devil targets marriages!

  2. Mandy says:

    A lot of truth here. The Work hasn’t even begun on the wedding day. It takes work and commitment,

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